Quality Education Services

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Malvern Academy (formerly known as The Progressions School) has been providing quality educational services for over 10 years. We are located in Stowe, PA, and operate under license by the Pennsylvania Department of Education as a  Private Alternative School serving students in grades 6 through 12+. We offer a robust curriculum aligned with PA state standards and approved by the PA Department of Education. We assist several school districts located throughout Chester, Eastern Montgomery, and Berks counties.  We offer small class size and low teacher-student ratios to address individual needs, we follow research-based instructional practices and curriculum materials. We welcome visitors anytime.

Educational Focus

We offer small class size and low teacher-student ratios to address individual student learning styles. Although always flexible to meet individual needs, we follow research-based instructional practices and curriculum materials.   In the classroom, we seek to utilize a differentiated curriculum and instructional methodology that replicates what the student will face as they return to their home district. We maintain regular linkage and communication with the referring local school district and consider ourselves to be an “inclusive friendly” alternative school. We frequently measure our progress by successfully placing students back into their home districts and communities and their own network of peers and recreational/leisure, or extra-curricular options.

Positive Behavior Support and Counseling Services

As with all of the behavioral health related services offered within the The Progressions Companies, we seek to utilize and draw upon the child’s natural strengths and the family’s available resources. We view our school as part of a natural continuum of treatment and educational services within least-restrictive and community-based settings.   We admit, our initial attempts at behavioral progress are not always successful but we are firm in our commitment to work collaboratively with the student, parent or care-giver to achieve behavioral progress. Our students are seen weekly for a minimum of one hour for  individual counseling that usually focus on a psycho-educational topic or social-skill development. Our school is committed to working collaboratively with parents, family members and local counseling/social-service agencies as part of our overall treatment team.

Transitional Support

Malvern Academy is committed to helping exceptional students with emotional and behavioral challenges to identify and work toward future goals. When appropriate, our older students have partnered with local employers to provide realistic job training experiences. We network with local technical schools and community colleges to augment our curriculum when needed and in the best interest of our older students who plan on transitioning to post-secondary educational settings. We seek to provide a rich educational experience that sparks interest and exposure to future career and educational options for all of our students.

Quality Education for over 15 Years